Easter 1969
Dan, Roseanne, Kathy, Pat, Tom & Mark
I'm trying to find a picture of Lynn's family in '69, it should be just as funny.

High School Graduation 1974
Pat & Mark are off to College, and Dan & Kathy are off to live on a sail  boat off the island of St Lucia in the Caribbean for the next two years. (This is what Dad did for his mid-life crisis, I would have just bought a sports car :-)

Mr. Anslem's Home Room Class at Castries Comprehensive School Form 2 (8th Grade) Castries, St. Lucia.  Can you find Kathy?

Christmas 1987
  Two Days before Lynn & Mark are Married
Lynn (on Mark's Lap) & Megan (on Roseanne's Lap) join the Family.

Independence Day 1988
Karrah (on Lynn's Lap) joins the Family.

Memorial Day 1995
Elizabeth (next to Dan) & Connor (on Elizabeth's Lap)
 join the Family.

Mom's 70th Birthday, 1998
Tristan (on Elizabeth's Lap) and Dave (sitting next to Kathy)  join the family.

Columbus Day 2001
We all met in Lincoln, IL for Grandma's 100th Birthday party.
Kendall (on Kathy's Lap) joins the family (Dad & Dave could not make it).

Memorial Day 2003
Dave is holding Ava Rose and Elizabeth is holding Liam.
The two newest (and most likely last) members of the family for this generation.

Lynn's Mother's 70th Birthday Party 2004

Mark's Grandmother at 106 and Mark & Lynn's granddaughter
(Megan's Daughter) at 11 month

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